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              There is a place, far, far away from all the hate and pain of this world. A place where the sky could rival the shade of sapphires, where rolling green hills stretched on for miles on end in a sea of lush green, with mountains of purple that could pierce the heavens, with forests so dense one could mistake it for night in the middle of the day, and oceans that were a crystalline, turquoise blue with white sand beaches that sparkled like diamonds under the sun.

              It was a place where magic was as natural to the world as breathing.

              It’s a place where dragons of every imaginable color whose scales could outshine the purest of gems ruled the skies. Where nymphs and fairies would play tricks on whomever they could find or simply lure unlucky travelers to their fate. Where elves protected their forests with their lives, and offer healing and wisdom to whoever is lucky enough to gain their trust. Where snake people stalked the grasslands, where harpies skulked in the mountains, and where so many more magnificent creatures lived happily.

              I happened to stumble upon this world by chance. Just a young woman lost in the forest that happened to discover a fairy fluttering by, following it back to its home. There, I rode on the backs of legendary beasts, was courted by princes, became friends with a sweet hearted elven princess, and even swam with mermaids. It was a place like no other. My escape from the dirty, disgusting world I came from.

              But this place was far from perfect.

             Of the seven kingdoms that lay scattered across the land, one of the kings was unhappy with this time of peace. The kingdom of Tryais was a small kingdom in the mountains, ruled by a cold, ruthless man by the name of Cyrros; a magic wielder of immeasurable power, only to be matched by his conniving royal advisor Celissa. Together, the kingdom was under the iron fist of their rule, controlled by fear and violence. It was only by the good graces of his young daughter Aeris that kept her father within the borders of his own kingdom.

              But it wasn’t enough to stop the young king from wanting more.

              Cyrros wanted nothing more than to expand his kingdom to all reaches of his world….until he found mine

              Beyond the doorway that linked our worlds together, Cyrros sought after the weapons of mass destruction that plagued my world, planning on using them to expand his borders and seize control of the six other kingdoms until only his remained.

              War broke out as the remaining six kingdoms fought with all they were to keep Cyrros and his army of mages from reaching the doorway. Many innocents died as armies marched back and forth through villages, burning them to the ground, slaughtering anyone who they so much as thought was on the wrong side of the war, freezing forests, sending harpies to ravage camps, anything to slow each other down. After months of this needless onslaught, the war finally ended…

              With the death of Tryais’ princess Aeris.

              With the death of his daughter, King Cyrros soon spiraled into depression and insanity, locking himself in his castle, never to be seen again. However, the threat of another war, in revenge for his daughter, still lived on. So I left this world, sealing it behind me in hopes that it would forever stay out of reach of King Cyrros.

              Then she showed up. She was the splitting image of Aeris. She had the same big, pale, violet eyes, the same wavy dark brown hair, and the same sun kissed skin. Has Aeris truly returned? If so, how would she have gotten here? How could she have avoided aging for so long? Would she go back to her father?

              Whatever the case, I intend to keep an eye on this Krys.

                                                                -Exerpt from the diary of C.M
Little Bit of Magic Prologue
 This is a new original story I wanted to try out, I hope you guys like it. Tell me if you think I should keep writing it.

Comments are appreciated
I'm FINALLY on Instagram. Man, I'm WAAAAAAAAAY behind in the tech trends. Oh well! Follow me if you want! It's LilSisSyd , same as here. Love ya guys!

A little joke between me and NrdArt 

Btw, thank you for being my model Britain! You look booty-ful!!
Who's excited for Inquisition?!?!?!
29 deviants said MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 deviants said I already pre-ordered it!!
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Title: The Reluctant Hero
Author: LilSisSyd
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Paring: Your Choice x Reader
Disclaimer: Bioware owns anything associated with Mass Effect. I only own the plot.

(h/l)-Hair Length

(h/c)-Hair Color

(e/c)-Eye Color

(s/c)-Skin Color

              You were always the reluctant hero. No matter what kind of challenge, you always prevailed, but there was always a price you paid. For with every life you took, you felt the weighted pain of their deaths upon your shoulders. It was something I never could imagine feeling. I had always felt that I was never responsible for the deaths of my targets, but you… sympathized with every death, every poor soul that had been lost to the vial filth of the world… was something I could never hope to understand.
              It was obvious to anyone who knew you well enough that the roll you took was forced upon was a roll that you would gladly give up if you could. But duty became your cage, trapping you in a life of death, violence, and despair….and never once would a complaint fall from your lips. So for years, you carried this heavy cage with you, performing terrible deed after deed, with only the word of someone you never met to trust that it was the right choice, with only the thought of the lives you’d save to keep you going. That was how it always was, so long as there was a single life to save, you’d fight, despite how much you hated it.
              You’ve always hated death, since the first day I’ve meet you, that much was clear….and who could blame you. Your home….your friends and family…..slaughtered by batarian slavers, then forced to kill yourself in the Blitz….killing thousands of batarians just to stay alive….now this. The geth, Collectors…..the Reapers….this wasn’t the life you wanted. All you wanted was to live a life far way from this kind of horror.
              But despite all that, you still fight with all your body and soul, fighting to assure that no one else would have to see….to experience all the pain, suffering, and death you’ve been forced to be a part of. Despite of all the pain you’d have to go through, despite all the horrible things you’d have to see…...despite all the people that would have to die….that you’d have to kill, in the name of peace.
              But you’re still only human; you still cried when Liara’s mother Benezia died until our (e/c) eyes turned red and puffy, you still stare up at Ashley’s name on the memorial wall, apologies for abandoning her falling from your lips when you think you’re all alone, you still have nightmares that shake you to the core like everyone else. But you still march on, you still try to live a happy life….you can still fall in love, even with a person like me.
              Those times we shared, those were the times when I felt as if you could truly be at peace, as I held your slender, sleeping form in my arms, running my fingers through your soft (h/l) (h/c) hair, watching your content sleeping face.  I wished that we could just stay like that for the rest of our lives….for your sake and for mine.
              You were the one reluctant hero out of millions of others who wouldn’t bat an eye at the sight of death. You are the one that people draw their strength and courage from….the one that stands above all the rest.
              But now, you’re free; you never have to kill again, to worry again…... to suffer again. So I shall walk on, continuing the legacy you had left behind. And despite the memories of you, what our lives would be like after this was all over, are painful, they’ll give me strenght to fight on…..

              To be a reluctant hero like you.
The Reluctant Hero
This story is kind of a spin off of "In Another Life". I got the idea to create this short little thing after finding the song "Reluctant Heroes" which I will link below. It's a beautiful song and I thought it would go well with Mass Effect. So....I ended up writing yet ANOTHER story that almost made me cry in the middle of class.....I hope you're all happy. I also kinda left out who's point of view this is so you could decide who it it yourself. I thought it was a good idea so let me know if you want me to do something like this again. 

Hope you like it!

Mass Effect (c) Bioware

You (c) You......for now

Plot (c) me!

Hello all my lovelies~! I HAVE RETURNED!!! I MISSED YOU ALL!!! Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] hug  Ok, so here's the deal, since I've been away for a while, it's gonna take me a while to get situated again and submitting since I have a lot of mail to go through, so please be patient! I promise to at least answer feedback messages as soon as possible though, so no need to worry about that. I'll talk to you guys soon! I love you my lovelies~! :love: :love: 


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Hello. I'm mainly here because I promised my friend a long time ago that I'd upload one of the.stories I'm writing here but I never did so I'm gonna try doing that now. Love ya Syd!!

Who's excited for Inquisition?!?!?! 

29 deviants said MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 deviants said I already pre-ordered it!!
4 deviants said What's Inquisition??
1 deviant said Meh......



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