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Title: In Another Life
Author: LilSisSyd
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Paring: Secret
Bioware owns anything associated with Mass Effect. I only own the plot.

(h/l)-Hair Length

(h/c)-Hair Color

(e/c)-Eye Color

(s/c)-Skin Color

              In another life, things would be different.

              In another life, there would be no more war; only peace. There wouldn’t be any more heartache; only love and happiness…..There wouldn’t be any more death; just the feeling of you in my arms again. In another life, you’d still be here with me, alive, well, and looking up at me with a smile so bright that it could outshine any sun.

              I’d give anything-my heart and soul, everything I am and would ever be-just to have the smallest of chances at another life with you in it.

              In another life, we’d still meet much like we did before. You’d be a soldier, beautiful and bold, smart and diligent…..everything I could ever want. Your (h/l) hair would be let loose, flowing strands of (h/c) silk framing your slender (s/c) face, your (e/c) would still gleam with innocence and hope, despite the horrors you’ve seen, the terrors you’ve experienced, and your pale pink lips would be stretched upwards in a gentle smile. You’d find me, lost and confused, trying to find my own way through life, you’d ask me to join your merry band of misfits to save the galaxy against impossible odds. I would gladly go through all the pain and suffering without a single complaint. After all, how could I pass up the chance to be changed by you, to fall so entirely in love with you all over again?
              In another life, I’d understand how precious our time together is, cherishing every second I spent with you. I’d spend every last second I had in this life and the next just to hear you laugh at my jokes and to joke along with me again, to see you smile again, to when you were about to cry again… love like I always did again. I’d tell you I love you more, spend less time on calibrations, and take the time to tell you how you brought light and life to my once dark and colorless world. I would never let you go a second time. Neither of us would ever have to be alone ever again.

              In another life, you’d survive our war with the Reapers. I wouldn’t have to feel like I do now ever again. Instead, you’d destroy them all, saving the universe yet again without so much as a scratch like you did before. There’d be peace throughout the galaxy for eons to come, and you’d be here to see it. We’d have that baby we talked about before you left, two if you’d be willing. We’d have a strong, courageous son and a daughter as fearless and fair as you were.

               You would’ve been a wonderful mother.

              We’d be one, big, happy family We’d spend our time together laughing and smiling, as if everything was right in the world, throwing our worries of the Reapers to the wind forever. We’d live in a big place with a view for us and lots of space for the kids to run around and play. We’d take turns telling them the tales of our adventures together, teach them how to shoot… them grow together. You’d even tell them about how different it was growing up for you some days, giving them an idea of the universe they live in, the struggles you overcame to be the person you became, inspire them to achieve the mother you wish you had. We’d watched them grow, and we’d cry when they left to see what the universe had in store for them. But no matter how many years passed, nothing could break us apart.

              In another life, you’d live a long, beautiful, happy one. You’d have everything you could ever need, and I’d have the same as I remain by your side, smiling all the way.

              But this isn’t another life. That life was just a dream I long with every cell in my body wished was real. All the plans I made in my mind as I thought of you, all the moments I had hope to share with you…..our future together, it was all taken away from me in a flash. That moment we all knew that you wouldn’t be coming back this time, that you were truly gone this time, forever, all that happiness I had longed for was shattered. All that was left was an empty heart and a few dreams that would never come true.

              After all, what kind of world is there, if there’s a Vakarian without a Shepard, especially if that Shepard is you?
In Another Life
..........................My is broken! LoveWithABrokenHeart God, I dunno why I decided to write this. Oh! Right, I remember. I was bored. What can I say, sitting in a math lecture gets boring, even when it's only 50 minutes, wait, I think that makes it worse, right? 
Anyway, aside from my hatred of math, I was sleepy, feeling crappy from a cold or something-I actually don't know what I have, all I know is that it made me miserable- so you know what, I was messing around with Mass Effect last night. I thought I'd write a little something for Garrus after Commander Shepard died. 

I APOLOGIZE IF HE'S OOC!! ...........................And maybe for any expenses on tissues if your anything like me. Lemme know what you thought about it!


Garrus and Mass Effect games (c) Bioware

Story (c) ME~!

Your soul (c) Garrus........Hey! He deserves it after all this!!!
Endless Blue by LilSisSyd
Endless Blue
The title says it all. I rather like this shot, actually. The only problem is that the reflection caught the lense of my camera. Oh well, what'ch ya gonna do? You can buy this as a print if you really like it and it'll help me out cuz I'm broke. 
Out There by LilSisSyd
Out There

One of the few pictures I took while on my week long cruise that I deemed worthy of uploading. I actually didn't get very many good pics other than a couple landscapes which really sucks! :headsmash: Anyway, this is pretty much I saw out the window almost all week and I couldn't help but notice that if you look at from this angle, it looks similar to the main menu screen of "The Last of Us" so this will also be known as "The Last of Us; Version:O"
I hope you guys like it!


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Hello all my lovelies~! I HAVE RETURNED!!! I MISSED YOU ALL!!! Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] hug  Ok, so here's the deal, since I've been away for a while, it's gonna take me a while to get situated again and submitting since I have a lot of mail to go through, so please be patient! I promise to at least answer feedback messages as soon as possible though, so no need to worry about that. I'll talk to you guys soon! I love you my lovelies~! :love: :love: 


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Hello. I'm mainly here because I promised my friend a long time ago that I'd upload one of the.stories I'm writing here but I never did so I'm gonna try doing that now. Love ya Syd!!

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